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Creating a ticket linked to a chat


Sometimes you will not be able to resolve the user’s problem during a chat. In this situation, you can create a ticket that is linked to the chat session. You can then do some research and email the user

The beginning of the chat will be shown on the ticket as a clickable link to the full chat session.


This way, it’s easier for any other agents to click through and read the full chat transcript. If it’s a long and involved chat session, it may be a good idea to summarise the user’s main questions or problems in an agent note after you create the ticket.

There are two ways to create a linked ticket:

  1. From an open chat, click the button marked below:


  1. From a closed chat, you can use the Create ticket button.



If the chat has just closed, the Create ticket button will not be shown until you close and reopen it or refresh your browser.

The ticket is created using the email address of the user (if they provided one when they started the chat, or were already logged in).

If the user has not provided an email address, you will need to enter one while creating a ticket, so don’t forget to ask for the email address while you are still chatting.

Even if they have provided an email address, it’s a good idea to check with the user that it’s the best address to use to follow up.

This is an example of a chat session where the user has not provided an email address:


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First published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: 21 Aug 2019 by Emily Booth