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How do I remove links to Deskpro from email notifications? - Γνωσιακή βάση / Using Deskpro - Deskpro Support

How do I remove links to Deskpro from email notifications?

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By default, if you have the Deskpro Portal enabled, user email notifications include links to allow the user to view the ticket in the portal.

If you disable the portal, the links are not shown. 

However, you may wish to leave the portal enabled but not include links in emails to users. 

To remove those links from email notifications:


1. Go to Admin > Emails > Email Templates

2. Under User Email Templates, click the Ticket Emails folder.

3. Open the template "New Ticket Auto-Response".

4. Delete the code:


<br /><br />

{{ phrase('user.emails.ticket_access_ticket_online') }}
<a href="{{ }}">{{ }}</a>

5. Click "Save Template"

6. You will also need to repeat this for

  • "New Ticket by Agent"
  • "New Agent Reply"
  • "User Reply Auto-Response"


7. You should also go to the Layout (Header, footer, CSS) section and in the "Footer" template delete: 


{% if app.isPortalEnabled() %}<a href="{{ deskpro_url }}">{{ deskpro_url }}</a>{% endif %}


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