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I'm having trouble forwarding individual ticket messages to email - Videnbase / Using Deskpro - Deskpro Support

I'm having trouble forwarding individual ticket messages to email

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I am using the Forward Message function to forward a ticket message out of Deskpro as an email.

The forwarded message never shows up, but when I look at the FULL LOG section of the ticket, it says that a message was sent. What's going on?


This can happen when the Forward Message function is set up to send email using the agent's email address as the "From" address.

Your helpdesk is sending email using your own custom SMTP server, rather than Deskpro's servers, and your server is not configured to permit email with a custom "From" address different to the originating address.

To resolve this, either:

1. Disable the Use the agent "From" email address option in Admin > Tickets > Forward Settings. You can either make the From address for forwarded email the account used by the ticket, or a specific ticket email account.

2. Configure your mail server to allow the custom "From" address.

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