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I'm having trouble with the subject of reminder emails

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We’ve configured our helpdesk to send reminder emails to users if a ticket is in the awaiting user status for 1 week (using the default template). When the helpdesk sends the email the subject is always "REMINDER: {{ticket.subject}}" instead of using the actual subject.



To fix this:

1. In Setup > Languages, select your language and click Edit Phrases.

2. Under User Interface Phrases > Email Subjects, edit the Custom Phrase column of user.email_subjects.remind_unresolved_subject and user.email_subjects.remind_unresolved_final_subject and enter "REMINDER: {{subject}}".

3. Go to Tickets > Statuses > Awaiting User, and click Edit template.

4. Edit the subject of the template to be:

{{ phrase('user.email_subjects.remind_unresolved_subject', {subject: ticket.subject}) }}


5. If you have enabled the second warning, repeat steps 3 and 4 for the Final warn about awaiting ticket template, changing the subject to be:

{{ phrase('user.email_subjects.remind_unresolved_final_subject', {subject: ticket.subject}) }}


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