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How do I update my portal to the latest version?

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If you are not already familiar with what Deskpro v5 (referred to as "new portal") is, you can check out our news post to get an idea of what it is and its benefits.


Upgrading from build #443 to Deskpro v5

Build #443 is the latest of the "old" Deskpro versions. If you are completely up to date, then you're ready to proceed to upgrade to Deskpro v5 by following our guide here:


Upgrading from older version of Deskpro

If you are using any other version of Deskpro, you need to first upgrade all the way to build 443 before you can upgrade to Deskpro v5.


Purchase the Upgrade Service

Finally, the easiest and most convenient way for you to upgrade is to purchase the upgrade service from your members area for $600:


When you purchase the upgrade service, you simply provide us with remote access to your servers and our technicians will handle the entire process for you.

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