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Creating Deskpro Apps

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You can create your own Deskpro Apps to change the way Deskpro works, like the ones available for installation from Admin > Apps.

To upload an app based on one of these examples to your helpdesk, simply ZIP the app's directory, then go to Admin > Apps and use the Upload Apps button.

There are example apps in the Deskpro-Apps section of our GitHub repository:

example-crm-link: adds a link under the ticket Properties area (e.g. to an external CRM system); demonstrates how to create an app and use variables in templates.

example-crm-api: demonstrates how to consume a remote API (for example, from an external CRM system) and render results in a tab in the Ticket view.

deskpro-default-notetab: an app to change the default when replying to a ticket to an agent note rather than a reply to the user.

deskpro-strip-links: an app to remove all links from ticket messages displayed in the agent interface.

deskpro-ticket-attach-tab: changes the agent interface to add a new 'Attachments' tab listing all attachments in the ticket.

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