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Checking for mail more frequently than once per minute

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I want to make the helpdesk check for tickets more frequently than once a minute. Is this possible?



You can't set cron to check email more than once per minute. However, you can use the command line to pipe mail directly into Deskpro from your email server.

The details of how you would do this will vary depending on your email server configuration. The command you would pipe messages into would be:

php /path/to/deskpro/cmd.php dp:process-email --file


Due to the variety of email server configurations available, we can't provide support for doing this.

IMPORTANT: if you are doing this and there is a problem that prevents email being processed, (for example, the Deskpro MySQL database goes down), messages will be lost. It's very important that you implement a backup system to store messages independently.

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